Code Milano Logo

May 14, 2019

Logo for clothing brand

Khmer Handicraft

April 07, 2019

Old logo proposal for handmade bag brand

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Sem Design Studio

April 07, 2019

Logo for creative studio. "Sem" means seed in Italian dialect :)

La Pizza

April 05, 2019

Logo for street food truck called "La Pizza" The word "La" ("The", in english) inspired me to use the symbolism used to represent divinity to emphasize uniqueness and quality.

Tutorial in app

April 05, 2019

Mini illustration for tutorial page pre-login

Personal icon set

April 04, 2019

Icon set for my social and email link, created for my personal website :)

Veronica - Virtual reality services

July 09, 2018

Veronica is a company that offers 3D modeling and virtual reality services applied to the most different markets. Veronica is also the virtual assistant that helps you explore the virtual reality that she creates. In this project I als...

Skål - Dolcetto delle Langhe

March 13, 2018

Concept for a label for an italian wine. The big "A" on the bottle is phosphorescent and lights up in the dark.

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