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Daily UI Challenge #046 — Todo List

January 15, 2019

#046 — Todo List Hello! ☺️ Today I've explored a light interface with a big welcome message and some cards for this 'todo list' concept. I hope you like it. If so, please show some love pressing "L" <3

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Daily UI Challenge #045 — Info Card

August 28, 2018

#045 — Info Card ¡Hello! To animate this 'Info Card' I have used Invision Studio :) I love how simple is to create smooth transitions with this tool. Please press L if you like it and thank you! :)

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Daily UI Challenge #044 — Favorites

May 31, 2018

#044 — Favorites ¡Hola! I designed this favorites list using summer destinations as inspiration <3. Soft pastel colors are taken from the photos and I added some smooth animations using Invision Studio. Please press L if you like i...

Daily UI Challenge #043 — Food/Drink menu

April 24, 2018

#043 — Food/Drink list Hello! I started creating a super simple food menu for this shot when things got out of hand. 😅I ended up creating several screens for a restaurant page and besides I added some motion using Invision Studio. :P ...

Daily UI Challenge #042 — ToDo List

April 02, 2018

#042 — ToDo List Hello! Today I have been playing around a "todo — list". The idea is to use it for traveling. It gives you a list of things you must visit in the cities you are interested in. ✈️:) Finally, I tried a light and a dark v...

Daily UI Challenge #041 — Workout Tracker

January 03, 2018

#041 — Workout Tracker Hello! Here we go with an app design for workouts. In this shot, you can see the home screen with some stats and information of the people you follow, a screen with a selection of running routes linked to your loc...

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Daily UI Challenge #040 — Recipe

December 29, 2017

#040 — Recipe UI Design for a clean "recipes-site". 🥒🍍 Please, don't forget to press "L" if you like it. Thank you so much!

Daily UI Challenge #039 — Testimonials

December 28, 2017

#039 — Testimonials A testimonials-section design with a fullscreen background picture that covers the entire page. Please, don't forget to press "L" if you like it. Thank you so much!