Badge, I just can't let you go.

about 17 hours ago

Hello Dribbblers, Continuing my previous story of a badge. Check Rebound shot. :) Notification is received, what now? This is for those who are too lazy to view their notification , here's the micro-interaction to grab their attentions...


Tab Bar Search Page Interaction

March 20, 2019

Search Page interaction with hide & show Tab bar. Project file (AEP + JSON) Available → Some delays are intentional to grab users attentions. UI/UX Interaction Collections Vol 1.0 Micro-interaction Collections Vol 1.0 Subtle An...

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Notification animation

Short story of a Badge. :)

March 19, 2019

Notification badge receive and seen Micro-interactions. Project file (AEP + JSON) Available → UI/UX Interaction Collections Vol 1.0 Micro-interaction Collections Vol 1.0 Subtle Animation Collection Vol 1.0⌇Vol 2.0 Instagram⌇Twitter⌇...

Delete photo

Delete/Remove Photo Micro-interaction

March 18, 2019

BEHIND THE SCENES Shredder concept is used to represent the Delete/Remove process of photo. Project file (AEP + JSON) Available → Shredder is the base animation which can be use for different type of remove/delete Interaction. UI/UX ...

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Tab bar 2

Dynamic TabBar

February 26, 2019

Another representation of @Ami's Switching from Email to Calendar on NavBar interaction. I will show the various button layouts I tried before coming to this clean version of navigation. Obvious layout which can be transformed into this...

Search   close 4

Search & Close Micro-interactions

December 28, 2018

Adding another one to the Micro-interactions series. Widely used Mobile and Website interaction Search and close. Fraction of delightfulness stand out product. Lottie exportable. UI/UX Interaction Collections Vol 1.0 Micro-interaction...

Pull to refresh email v2.0

Email App Pull to Refresh Interaction

December 27, 2018

Extended version of Pull to refresh interaction. Secondary interaction of new email. Entirely done in Principle for Mac. There are four type of interaction to experience. Some of them are just for fraction of second but important to hav...

Search   close 2

Search & Close Micro-interactions

December 26, 2018

Interaction duration matters a lot. Here's an experiment of same interaction with Fast and Slow speed. Do people like to engage for this longer period of time to see what's really happening? If not I would think to remove several other ...