Self Pure CSS3

by Abhishek Mishra

6 Shots

Pure CSS Volume Knob

2x inside Live version - Source -

January 06, 2013

CSS3 'Outlook for Mac' Icon

2x attached :) CSS - I wish I...

December 10, 2012

Pure CSS3 Regulator

Much of the credit for this goes to @MVBen for the original work. I've merely crafted the CSS to understand & approximate the beauty. Enjoy the CSS work...

December 08, 2012

Pure CSS3 Cloud

2x inside :) Enjoy the CSS version here - Mostly done via inset shadows, border-radius and linear+radial gradients.

December 06, 2012

Pure CSS3 Dropbox

Pure CSS, no images at all. 2x Inside. Animated CSS3 version here - Please view in Safari :) Font used is 'Archivo Narro...

December 04, 2012

Pure CSS3 rebound of "Clear for Mac" Icon Replacement

2x inside. CSS version here - Gave a shot at doing a rebound in pure CSS3. The whole icon is composed of divs. Tools of...

December 02, 2012