Dachshunds Pattern Variation

July 28, 2017

Just another woof-woof pattern, now colored

Dachshunds Pattern

July 25, 2017

Dog party dribbble

Bark Your Troubles Away

June 14, 2017

Well, they made it to the app finally. Let's woof! PS: if you'd like a promo code for free download, just message me. Iconka.com :: Facebook :: Instagram :: Twitter :: Behance

Musdog dribbble

Pop it up, Rock it on!

June 08, 2017

Honestly, I was just making a couple of animation for the Tail Waggers set when it occured to me - those two guys are just like a pop and a rock star put together. Or a pop and a rock fan. Iconka.com :: Facebook :: Instagram :: Twitter ...

Dog aerobics1

Shake your fats Doggie

February 18, 2016

One, two, three, four.... aaand one, two, three, four


Working out this animation

July 02, 2014

Eight more reps... 2 more sets... and I'm still chihuahua


Let! Me! Tell! Ya! Some! Thing!

July 01, 2014

Animating TailWaggers set.

Chihua opt

More Than One Can Chew

June 26, 2014

Animating a puppy from Tail Waggers set.