Font Lens Flat

June 27, 2013

Making lots of progress on the app. You can find out more at

Font Lens typeface previews

June 22, 2013

This view provides a quick look at all the fonts in a single folder. The preview text can be easily customized which has turned out to be a really useful tool when beginning work on a new logotype.

Font Lens Type Specimen View

June 22, 2013

Font Lens generates type specimen previews of your fonts. The content is fully editable and auto resizes to fill the screen.

Font Lens search screen

June 22, 2013

Font Lens is fully searchable allowing you to test your favorite typefaces in just a few keystrokes. No need to click the search bar. Just start typing anywhere.

Font Lens app icon

June 22, 2013

App icon created for Font Lens; a new way to see your fonts online. The logo takes a different approach to the common fl ligature. You can find out more about Font Lens at and sign up for the beta.