1. Education Web Platform 👨‍💻 platform minimal online learning learning management system educational website learning website learning interface app education webdesign website design ux ui
    View Education Web Platform 👨‍💻
    Education Web Platform 👨‍💻
  2. Project Kanban Style dashboard design slack trello asana teams report apps calendar home management team management projects kanban style kanban dashboard interface ux simple design ui
    View Project Kanban Style
    Project Kanban Style
  3. Project Management Dashboard-UX/UI Design ux uiux design finance app
    View Project Management Dashboard-UX/UI Design
    Project Management Dashboard-UX/UI Design
  4. Task Manager Concept clean minimal uiux typography web design filters activity feed chat icons illustration data dashboard profile product design trello task app tool project card list task manager
    View Task Manager Concept
    Task Manager Concept
  5. Product Review and Feedback Platform category goods product customer voice platform proof feedback review web interface illustration graphics app icons ux ui cuberto
    View Product Review and Feedback Platform
    Product Review and Feedback Platform
  6. E-learning - Madarin Lesson visual uxui animation ux product learning platform madarin learning app course learning online elearning concept design ui
    E-learning - Madarin Lesson
  7. Square Dashboard Exploration for Updates careers page payroll management tools social media platform human resources hr software hr cloud saas website chart elements saas platform dashboard web design onboarding illustration landing page
    Square Dashboard Exploration for Updates
  8. Learning Light clean ui online learning learning platform learning web desktop hot popular top interface ux ui dribbble design
    View Learning Light
    Learning Light
  9. Vision board web app interface design planner platform design invite task dreamboard web application desktop application clean ui analytics family dashboard app app design uiux ux ui dashboard visionboard
    View Vision board web app
    Vision board web app
  10. Online Courses App Design teacher students learning platform education courses startup online mvp react native mobile ux ui purrweb design app
    View Online Courses App Design
    Online Courses App Design
  11. A work management and design communication platform app Part2 ui icons ux ui,app illustration app icon app,ui icon,ui
    View A work management and design communication platform app Part2
    A work management and design communication platform app Part2
  12. Elearning Platform UI webapplication webapp illustration syedraju filter sorting search ofspace popular tags course ux colorfull dashboard website education learning elearning
    View Elearning Platform UI
    Elearning Platform UI
  13. E-learning Platform - Dashboard Concept learning platform chart animation illustration dashboard ui online learning learning dashboard layout product ux uxui visual concept design ui
    E-learning Platform - Dashboard Concept
  14. Freelance platform task tasks freelancing task management finance graph chart statistics dashboard interface app ux ui freelance
    View Freelance platform
    Freelance platform
  15. CRM App 2 web ux user ui team platform people organization minimal managment interface hr employees design dashboad crm clean app
    View CRM App 2
    CRM App 2
  16. Web Platform - Instagram Performance clean web illustration app website minimal design ux ui colors
    View Web Platform - Instagram Performance
    Web Platform - Instagram Performance
  17. Education Platform Dashboard platform online learning edtech e-learning courses dashboard education illustration gradient app minimal concept colors ux ui design
    View Education Platform Dashboard
    Education Platform Dashboard
  18. Web Platform - Praum clean website app web illustration minimal design colors ux ui
    View Web Platform - Praum
    Web Platform - Praum
  19. Linglee - Languages learning platform landing chart stats statistics data minimal platform languages learning education illustration account profile dashboard app design 10clouds interface ux ui
    View Linglee - Languages learning platform
    Linglee - Languages learning platform
  20. 📚 Research made simple collaborative research education platform students ux ui saas app product design
    📚 Research made simple
  21. Coursive: Web Platform application education overview e-learning website site web app design courses education platform web application product design saas platform edtech
    Coursive: Web Platform
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