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Yo Portfolio - Apply Changes

November 14, 2017

A little animation exploration for when a user makes a change that affects other information on the page. -- Yo Portfolio is a portfolio analysis tool for individual investors who want to know if they are beating the market. It was desi...

Yo Portfolio - Mobile

October 05, 2017

Typically, we don't design mobile comps, instead, we prefer to jump into the code and make design decisions in the actual, final environment. However, this site was an exception due to the large amount of information and unique UX moment...

Yo Portfolio - Buttons

October 02, 2017

The main interface of the web app. Add trade info on the right and see your portfolio compared to the S&P500 on the left. One of the challenges here was to create a design that would be flexible enough to work on any size browser. T...

Yo Portfolio - Buttons

September 06, 2017

A few UI elements from a Yo Portfolio brand exploration. This project was unique in that we were developing a brand specifically for a new, digital product. This allowed us to tailor the brand elements, particularly color, to work well o...

Yo Portfolio - Element Collage

August 30, 2017

After the brand was established, a visual palate was developed for common UI elements such as headings, buttons, dropdowns, and lists. These styles were done as explorations until a solid direction was found. This collage is the result o...

Yo Portfolio - logo

August 24, 2017

This logo needed to shine on light and dark backgrounds. You can learn more about Yo Portfolio here yoportfolio.com or see the product in action here my.yoportfolio.com

Yo Portfolio - icon

August 23, 2017

Logo design for Yo Portfolio, a portfolio analysis tool and recent web-app project at @Sparkbox. The brand is designed to stand apart from other financial apps and services as a fun and different product meant for the personal investor w...

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