Sparkbox - Homepage Loading Animation

November 09, 2018

We recently launched an updated look for the hero area of the Sparkbox homepage. The colors in the old version were causing the text fail accessibility standards. We used this as an opportunity to also update the loading animation, chang...

Sparkbox - What We Do

July 19, 2018

I worked on building a new "What We Do" page for the @Sparkbox website, including this sticky, morphing icon. It's build using a combination of HTML elements and SVGs with a little JS to trigger CSS animations in between the different s...

Sparkbox - Contact Form Animation

July 09, 2018

We've been working on some updates to the Sparkbox website, including a new "Work With Us" contact page. I enjoyed developing this page that @Jeremy Loyd designed—especially this animation for the form fields! This animation was origina...

Welcome Kit

February 16, 2018

I've been working on a welcome kit for new employees. It's been really fun to work on different ways to apply the brand of a digital agency to physical objects.

Sparkbox Notebooks

October 11, 2016

Custom @Sparkbox notebooks for jotting down all your great ideas!

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