PicSnippets - Animated Homepage

February 03, 2020

Animated homepage hero for a startup marketing site. Dug into After Effects for this one. Exported as a json file using the Bodymovin plugin and then rendered using Lottie from Airbnb.

PicSnippets - Pricing Page

November 11, 2019

A look at the pricing page design for PicSnippets a product that allows you to add custom images to emails and other digital platforms. Things like adding their name to an invitation or an address to a shipping confirmation email.

PicSnippets - Homepage

November 05, 2019

Homepage for a recent redesign project. This is the marketing site for the PicSnippets product which allows you to add custom text to images for personalized messages. Swipe to see the original site. The big goal here was giving the b...

PicSnippets - Style Tiles

April 09, 2019

Style tiles (mood boards with content styles) for a recent freelance web design project. Style tiles take mood boards one step further by showing some specific text, button, and other content styles. The final site doesn't really look l...

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