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  1. 30 Jul
    Brian "Doc" Reed
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  2. 30 Jul
    Brian "Doc" Reed
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  3. 26 Jun
    Brian "Doc" Reed
    Commented on Caught Trying

    Thanks everyone. I'm looking forward to getting these seps finished and hope to be printing soon.

  4. 20 Jun
    Brian "Doc" Reed
    Commented on FuturAlbum Contribution - Low

    Thanks @Nick Evans. I love how clean your work is. The mono weight designs you've been cranking out this year are wonderful. I always add to much crap to my designs. The rest of the process is whittling it back down.

  5. 17 Jun
    Brian "Doc" Reed
    Commented on Just Words

    True, i was on the fence about it. Thanks for the feedback @DaveKeller.