Kcalmar: Dietetitian Profile

May 08, 2017

Yet another shot from our Kcalmar.com Project: Dietetitian Profile. Still - more to come ;) You like it? Press "L" to show some love ;) – Thanks for taking your time! Make sure to check our Website | Behance | Facebook Do you need hel...

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Kcalmar: Home Page

May 04, 2017

It's about time to show you all other screens from the Kcalmar project - a web app ecosystem for professional dietetitians ant their clients. Here's the search results view. Design in collab with @Mateusz Piatek You like it? Press "L" t...

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Kcalmar.com Homepage

January 05, 2017

For a while we've been working on a site for Kcalmar, service for Dieticians and their clients in Poland. Since we're almost done, we would like to show you results of our work. Stay tuned for more! Hologram's Facebook

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