Ampersand H&Co blog redesign

by Hoefler & Co.

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New hfj blog

The New H&Co Blog

Just launched the redesigned H&Co blog. Thanks to Brian, Brandon, Susan, Chris, Greg, Reed, and Nicole for pitching in on this one: it's got new typograp...

October 21, 2013


Accents in ScreenSmart webfonts

More work on the blog. Here's Mercury ScreenSmart in the browser at 14px, featuring a couple of Latin-X accents that we rarely get to use, the s-caron and c-...

September 05, 2013

Small caps

Small caps in ScreenSmart webfonts

Adding a couple of refinements to our blog overhaul: here are small caps, served up to all browsers (even ones that don't support OpenType) using Cloud.typog...

September 05, 2013

1 40000th

Extended fractions in ScreenSmart webfonts

More content making its way into the refreshed site. Hat tip and a free latte to H&Co's Brian Hennings, for using cloud.typography to configure the fonts...

September 04, 2013

Hfj blog 3

Kerning in ScreenSmart webfonts

Putting the ScreenSmart fonts through their paces. Here we are at 14 pixels, and both Mercury ScreenSmart and Gotham ScreenSmart Bold are at their best, exhi...

September 03, 2013

Hfj blog 2

Mixing ScreenSmart webfonts

Another peek at the blog's forthcoming haircut. Thanks to Brian and Brandon for giving the content the typography it deserves: here's Gotham ScreenSmart Bold...

September 03, 2013

Hfj blog 1

Cyrillic characters in ScreenSmart webfonts

Finally having a chance to take our own webfonts for a spin on Brian and Brandon have been introducing some welcome typographic niceties, ami...

September 03, 2013

Mercury ssm

Mercury ScreenSmart

FINALLY getting to use our own webfonts, now that Cloud.typography is up! Here's something we're redesigning, using one of my favorite fonts: Mercury ScreenS...

August 01, 2013