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  1. 26 Mar Pro
    Jonathan Hoefler
    Commented on Buzzards Bay

    This was the first piece of sample art I made using our Surveyor typeface, after it was completed. Since the fonts are based on engraved map lettering, I couldn't resist; I chose Buzzards Bay because it had a nice mix of coastal towns and inlets, in which I could use the italics and romans, respectively.

    A few residents have mentioned geographic errors, of which I'm sure there are more than a few: this one's based on an engraved original that's probably about 140 years old. Anyway, enjoy!

  2. 25 Mar Pro
    Jonathan Hoefler
    Commented on Surveyor Italic

    Thanks, @Bryan Blake! The ScreenSmart versions for small sizes are something we're especially proud of: hope you dig 'em!