Nukern light

Nukern Logo Light

August 16, 2017

It was fun prototyping the Nukern logo light build up for the main entrance of the office wall. Check attachments for some juicy high res renders. Shoutout to @Wael Labrinssi for the great help on this.

Nukern Signup page

May 01, 2017

Simply straight forward sign up page - bullshit free :)

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Nukern T-shirts

April 25, 2017

So nice to see the brand on different applications. Shoutout to the Printing shop for the fantastic pressing quality!

Nukern Landing

April 24, 2017

Been working with the team of Nukern recently to rebrand their product. We didn't stick to the initial brief as usual :) we went the extra mile to help achieve a new strong brand, marketing site, and a successful TechStars Demo Day Launc...

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Nukern's Iconography System

April 22, 2017

Here is an overview of the direction we took for Nukern's new digital rebrand. ______________ We're available for new projects! Get in touch –

Nukern Business cards - Branding

April 06, 2017

This is a part of the stationary created for the Nukern brand. Waiting for the UV application on the backside by MOO.


Nukern Logo

April 03, 2017

One of the different brand explorations for Nukern (Brand update). Shout out to @Wael Labrinssi for the awesome job animating this.