Airpods by Apple

December 21, 2016

After a painstakingly tedious wait, finally got myself to order the Airpods, and I really can not wait till they get delivered. I've been looking for truly wireless pair of earphones. After using Jaybird X2 and Freedoms, I'm all stoked...

Braun rt20   prototype 30

Braun RT20

February 03, 2016

Braun RT20, is my second work in the Illustration Series that I started recently. Designed by Dieter Rams and Hans Gugelot in 1961, this industrial design marvel sports timeless pear wood veneer covered with graphite lacquered sheet ste...

Macintosh 128K

December 29, 2015

I'm taking a naive stab at mustering up illustrations with a series of iconic products from the industrial design space. I might be a n00b right now, but hoping to get better at this during the course of this illustration series. The f...