Heitzke by Mike Heitzke

Working on my personal branding, logo & then reworking the site

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Logo refresh

July 09, 2013

Working through a refresh of the personal site and getting tired of the weighty mark I've been using. Spent a little time fixing alignment inconsistencies, and trying to get something together that's more flexible to use. (ie, can be use...

Heitzke mobile

Personal site mockup

February 21, 2012

Working on my personal site now via the mobile first approach. Always an interesting experience

Heitzke logo

Personal logo work

January 30, 2012

Current progress of the personal logo. Reworked the H a little bit as it appeared more like an A in the previous versions. Also felt like the green represents me much better than the other color schemes I was toying with. As always, crit...


Personal logo development

January 22, 2012

Working on the personal logo. The logo looks strong as just white/black outlines, but I think I'd normally like to display it in color. This is also mostly the resolve a dispute between my wife and I. She prefers one of these but I lik...