12 Projects

  1. That feeling when you have an app installed that is so ugly and unusable that you just have to give it a redesign.
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    Updated May 18, 2016
    1. MVP iOS app to go with our free online recruiting software. Manage candidates and jobs on the go.
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      Updated March 07, 2016
      1. 100 Days of UI work to keep the tool set sharp and ready. Sign up here: http://dailyui.co
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        Updated October 26, 2015
        1. Redesign core aspects of the SmartRecruiters web app.
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          Updated April 07, 2014
          1. Social referrals web app. Connect to your networks and refer friends & colleagues to open jobs.
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            Updated November 20, 2013
            1. Redesigning UI elements in our hiring app to make them cleaner and more future proof. Comments are always welcome.
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              Updated December 13, 2013