1. Hegyessy.Com portfolio website
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  2. JCCSF Redesign mobile ios hig
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    JCCSF Redesign
  3. Your SmartRecruiters Day hr hiring responsive card to-do concept
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    Your SmartRecruiters Day
  4. Review Candidate review cards ios
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    Review Candidate
  5. Job Ad Configuration icons hr
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    Job Ad Configuration
  6. Candindate list by hiring stage iOS green segmentedviewcontroller tableview hiring ios
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    Candindate list by hiring stage iOS
  7. Pending Job Approval hr enterprise mobile material design android
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    Pending Job Approval
  8. Dailyui 002 Dribbble ios checkout mobile 002 day002 dailyui
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    Dailyui 002 Dribbble
  9. Dailyui 001 Dribbble ios mobile signup sign-up day001 dailyui
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    Dailyui 001 Dribbble
  10. Mobile Section website
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    Mobile Section
  11. Time To Hire analytics hr
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    Time To Hire
  12. Approvals android hr hiring
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  13. Candidate Comparison Mockup compare table candidates hr analytics hiring
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    Candidate Comparison Mockup
  14. Messages Feed messages feed android
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    Messages Feed
  15. Hiring App Android hiring hr android profile candidate
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    Hiring App Android
  16. Search for jobs - career site jobs hiring hr search framerjs
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    Search for jobs - career site
  17. Candidate View candidate profile ios
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    Candidate View
  18. Candidate Profile profile progress bar hr hiring
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    Candidate Profile
  19. Profile Pods hipster angle
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    Profile Pods
  20. Reject a candidate reject profile hiring form hr candidate
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    Reject a candidate
  21. New Candidate profile hiring slider feed hr candidate social hiring
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    New Candidate
  22. Dribbble profile hiring slider feed hr candidate social hiring
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  23. Hiring On The Go website landing page product ios
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    Hiring On The Go
  24. Mobile Referrals Rejection referrals mobile reject confirm hr candidates
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    Mobile Referrals Rejection
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