Zibbet Colour Palette

February 17, 2019

The new colour palette is well-balanced and saturated, giving a sense of vibrancy. The colours are warm and friendly, but not quite pastel-y... kind of like an almond chai latte. Tasty, but not overly sweet. Read the case study

Zibbet Blog

February 15, 2019

The new Zibbet is a sales management platform for creative entrepreneurs — artists, makers and craftspeople alike. The goal is to provide creative entrepreneurs with more exposure, awareness and sales by offering a convenient, effective ...

Zibbet Website Design

February 13, 2019

We also had the chance to work with power couple @Andrew McKay and @Ashlee Hazelwood to design the new blog and marketing site. They're both rich with beautiful, textured illustrations that convey the power of Zibbet in the hands of a cr...

Zibbet Dashboard

February 11, 2019

The new Zibbet dashboard provides a high-level overview of your productivity as a creator. You can quickly see your pending orders, recent sales and monthly revenue, as well as get some tailored tips direct from the Zibbet team on how to...

Zibbet Orders

February 09, 2019

Zibbet's mission is to help creative entrepreneurs sell more, which formed the basis of their original marketplace. But managing multiple sales channels is a nightmare when you think about having to sync up sales, orders and returns acro...

Zibbet Design System

February 07, 2019

We started off from a component level to create a design system, setting the Zibbet team up to move faster as they build up their design and engineering teams. The quality of the design system would dictate how effective the new teams ca...

Zibbet Typography

February 06, 2019

We chose Tiempos Headline by Klim Type Foundry for the heading font. Tiempos was initiated as an optimisation of Galaxie Copernicus for a Spanish newspaper redesign. Although it began as an offshoot of Galaxie Copernicus, Tiempos evolved...

Zibbet Logo

February 04, 2019

The new Zibbet wordmark has a simplified architecture — from the original four layers to a single outline of formal cursive, with emphasis on the clarity around the “e”, the curves of the “b”s and the cursive nature of the “z” and “t”. T...