Bokeh Design Studio

June 12, 2020

MVP designs for the Bokeh design studio. From here, you can update your website's style including typography, colours, layout and branding. Join the waitlist

Bokeh Photo Viewer

June 11, 2020

After uploading your photos to Bokeh, you can step through each one and tag them with useful information like Name, Caption, Tags, Alt Text and License. You can also change the gallery they appear in and see EXIF data extracted from the ...

Bokeh Upload

June 10, 2020

Creating a gallery in Bokeh couldn't be easier. Just enter a gallery name, then drag and drop all your photos in. Alternatively, you can import them from your computer, Instagram or even URL if they're already hosted somewhere else. Joi...

Bokeh Photos

June 09, 2020

MVP design for the Bokeh photos screen. From here, you can add new galleries, organise photos and edit privacy settings. The little yellow dot means there's a change on that gallery that isn't published, which you can do by hitting the P...

Bokeh Onboarding

June 08, 2020

Finishing off the MVP designs for Bokeh. The onboarding process allows you to create a gallery and upload a bunch of photos before you even sign up, so you can get a sense of what Bokeh feels like to use. Join the waitlist

Bokeh - Measure what matters

April 03, 2020

See who is visiting your portfolio, which galleries and photos are your most popular, and how you are being discovered. All on your personal Bokeh dashboard. Join the waitlist

Bokeh - Add a personal touch

April 02, 2020

Design your dream portfolio with custom fonts, favourite colours, beautiful layouts, and your own logo — your Bokeh portfolio will work perfectly everywhere. Join the waitlist

Bokeh - Curate your gallery

April 01, 2020

Upload full-resolution photos and showcase them in a stunning professional portfolio. No more drag-and-drop page builders or template editors taking up your time. Join the waitlist

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