1. Art Direction
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    Art Direction
  2. Modern gradient grain midcentury black pink gradient modern
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    Modern gradient
  3. Gradient grain texture graphic design grain colorful gradient
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  4. Membership Cards gardens flower member cards
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    Membership Cards
  5. Bloom Poster flowers illustration poster design color gardens posters
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    Bloom Poster
  6. Garden Punch Card idenity branding typography hand drawn blur colorful tourist gardens punch card garden
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    Garden Punch Card
  7. Cantaloupes art drawing adobe illustrator cantaloupe pink orange pretty gradient illustration fruit
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  8. Soda Cans! soda vodka fruit icon sodacan can design packaging application logo branding
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    Soda Cans!
  9. Not Laundry Business Cards color application business card logo branding
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    Not Laundry Business Cards
  10. Not Laundry Guide educational informational iconography icon branding pamphlet laundry
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    Not Laundry Guide
  11. Mid-Century Modern Can Design midcenturymodern logo design application vector soda vodka fruit branding packagingdesigns packaging candesign can
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    Mid-Century Modern Can Design
  12. Mid-Century Modern Can Design orange application package design branding fruit vodka soda packaging can peach
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    Mid-Century Modern Can Design
  13. Fruit Halves packaging vodka soda fruit logo icon set fruit iconography icon branding
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    Fruit Halves
  14. Tacos ! application design logo branding and identity taco tacos restaurant new york punk rock punch card business card menu branding
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    Tacos !
  15. Taco Packaging quirky new york punkrock logo design typography application logotype to-go restaurant bags texture branding packaging tacos
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    Taco Packaging
  16. Loco Taco lively fun food branding restaurant branding restaurant tacos logotype logodesign logo taco loco
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    Loco Taco
  17. Gig Poster concert poster poster equiptment train gradient purple gold green music band poster gig poster
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    Gig Poster
  18. Sleek Business Cards business cards sans serif blue logodesign logotype logos businesscards business card futuristic stylish sleek
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    Sleek Business Cards
  19. The Big Lebowski Icon Set gif illustraion illustrator icons design textures texture movie icon design icons icon set icon
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    The Big Lebowski Icon Set
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