Maugers meats logo anim

Maugers Meats - Logo/Emblem

December 13, 2012

Logo/Emblem for Maugers Meats. Simplified after final revision round on the previous draft.

Maugers meat emblem

Maugers Meats - Further Logo Exploration - Emblem

November 15, 2012

Further exploration for the re-branding of Maugers Meats. Trying out a emblem design that can be split up into only using the banner for stamps on the paper bags. Huge thanks to @Richie for helping out with some of his magic powers to ...

Maugers meats logo explorations

Maugers Meats - Logo Explorations

November 08, 2012

Logo explorations for Maugers Meats. It's a family run butchery located in Burrawang, New South Wales, Australia on The Southern Highlands. The company dates back 40 years and are well known for premium quality meats and great catering ...