D742816434518ec6cbf8a07434950907 Ken Ring & Tommy Tee

by Emir Ayouni

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Ken ring tommy tee   lat beaten ba skratta

Ken Ring & Tommy Tee - Låt Beaten Ba Skratta (Cover art)

Cover art for Ken Ring & Tommy Tee's new single "Låt Beaten Ba Skratta". (Title translated to English would be "Let the beat just laugh". Concept makes ...

December 10, 2012

Stamp for Album Cover Art (Ken Ring & Tommy Tee - "Classics")

Stamp made for the cover art of the upcoming album "Classics" by Ken Ring & Tommy Tee. (Uploaded in 800×600 pixels @2x for HiDPI displays)

November 20, 2012

Ken ring tommy tee final logo

Ken Ring & Tommy Tee - Final Logo/Emblem

Final logo/emblem for Ken Ring (Rapper) & Tommy Tee (Producer). They will be releasing a new single on the 30th of November, which will be followed by a...

November 12, 2012


Identity Explorations for Ken Ring & Tommy Tee

Explorations on a combined identity for Ken Ring (Rapper) & Tommy Tee (Producer). One typographic option and one badge/stamp. They're quite different i...

June 27, 2012