Fancy Coffee Cup

August 28, 2018

Coffee to go? ☕️ Take a look at the full case study over on Behance → Follow me on Instagram → optimize

Botanical Coffee Co Interaction

June 13, 2018

Since using this marble kinda texture in the packaging and brand assets I've had this idea of giving it some kind of warp effect on the website so had a quick go at prototyping it. Larger version attached 👀 Looking for a design partner...

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The Botanical Coffee Co Cold Brew

June 05, 2018

Starting to look at how the brand might roll out across the Cold Brew range. I wanted to trial introducing a secondary colour-way for the cold brew products whilst still maintaining the key brand assets. Larger version attached 👀 Also ...

Botanical Coffee Co Packaging

May 30, 2018

Some initial exploration for the coffee bag design ☕️ Larger version attached 👀 Also – I've attached some variations I was messing with, which is your favourite? Need some help with a branding/packaging project? We'd love to get invol...

Botanical Coffee Business Cards

May 24, 2018

Starting to look into how the brand might roll out across business cards. Larger version attached 👀 Need some help with a branding project? We'd love to get involved! 💌 More from us: → The Team → Twitter → In...

Botanical Coffee Branding

May 17, 2018

Further explorations of the chosen route to take forward, looking at some basic elements to develop. I'm liking the idea of using the marbled green on packaging etc as it's got quite a nice organic feel. Larger version attached 👀 Need ...

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Botanical Coffee Type Explorations

May 16, 2018

Some early type explorations for a branding project ☕️ More from us: → The Team → Twitter → Instagram → Facebook

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