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  1. Logo dribble Todytod Pro

  2. Avatar M18 Team

  3. Me David Im

  4. Me David Im

  5. 94dc7a1bc1f58c89aced29b042b9da2c Gary Keeler

  6. B3491d6e0f2ec17dc8eea0667d15754f Apostol Voicu Pro

  7. Me David Im

  8. Wrdsgn Aditya Nugraha Putra Pro

  9. Me David Im

  10. 27fd75f92e465f3e2b3aca86fe63334f Sosoa Pro

  11. Me David Im

  12. Me David Im

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  • best app icon designs with dept, 3d affect, clever usage of surface. feel free to tweet me with your design if you want me to add it to the collection!

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