Bus Monitor – Bugs

March 08, 2017

Hey, Today I present you a timeline of the bugs appeared in Fleet. This is the last shot from Bus Monitor Web version. Few more from mobile app to come ;-)

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Ebus dribble search

Bus Monitor – Search

March 07, 2017

Another simple way to find bus is to use search. Simply type desired vehicle ID, type, manufacturer name or status. Follow us to don't miss next shots 🖖🏽

Bus Monitor – Analysis

February 21, 2017

🎨 Experimenting with some dark color values. What do you think? Check the Attachment for high res Follow us and don't miss next shots.

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Ebus dribble single bus2

Bus Monitor – Vehicle Interactions

February 20, 2017

One more shot from our Bus Monitor projects. We designed some sick interactions to support smooth and playful experience. Few more to come. Follow us to don't miss anything 😎

Dribbble ready animation ae

Bus Monitor – Dashboard

February 14, 2017

Hey, This is next shot from our Bus Monitor Project. It's a simple overview of running vehicles, distance and energy consumption available at a glance. Follow us to don't miss next shots 🔜

Bus Monitor – Vehicle details

February 13, 2017

Hey Dribbblers, I'm really excited to show you sneak peek of our project for Bus Monitor. It's amazing solution for electric fleet tracking. Follow us to don't miss upcoming shots