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Training alone is boring, isn’t it? Meet Traina to find a training buddy in your area.

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Traina - Feed Animation

February 21, 2019

Should designers #tbt? Traina's personalised feed screen changes colour depending on your favourite sports category and lets you change your filters easily if you want to explore something new. You can check the full project for other ...

Traina - Overview

April 04, 2017

and a final overview of Traina's UI. --- Don't forget to check the attachment and the full case study on Behance or on our website

Fitness App - Create New Event

April 03, 2017

Just like the rest of the app, we designed an easy peasy one screen event creation flow. After selecting event category, you can create an event under a minute with 6 taps. --- See full case study on Behance or on our website

Traina - Quick Filter

March 31, 2017

For the quick filter tab in Traina's feed, we were inspired by the environment. Green for cycling, red for running tracks, blue for the pool... And when London gives you a ☀️ day like today, go for a 🚴 . Or have a 🍻 in the pub to celeb...

Traina - Event Detail & Invite

March 30, 2017

Okey-dokey, it's time to go out there and move it move it. 🏃 We know not everyone is a big fan of push notifications, that's why after you join an event Traina allows you to add it to the Calendar. We also noticed unexpected weather con...

Traina - Search

March 29, 2017

Ah, smart search - one of my favourite parts in this project. We know that it isn't only about which sport you do but also how you do it - after all everyone has a different style. That's why we came up with this smart search concept to...

Traina - Feed

March 28, 2017

And this is how your feed looks like after creating your account. As default, a collection of all your favourite event types are shown and can be filtered by the quick filter tab with one tap. The filter tab is generated by users' choi...

Traina - Onboarding

March 28, 2017

Hello Dribbble! We’re thrilled to share our first team post after months of hard work. So, meet Traina : One of our first clients, a micro social network to help you find a sports partner and events in your local area. We know the dro...