Glenn Hitchcock Watch Faces by Glenn Hitchcock

Set of designs I'm doing for a client, with an intention to animate.

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Watch Experiment

April 01, 2015

Had some time to experiment with an old project. We tried making the original design work within a circular area, but with so many details going on it made it incredibly difficult to read. The better solution was to interpret the materia...



November 12, 2011

Diamonds are forever, and this one took that long. Great project, great client!

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November 12, 2011

It took many meticulous hours, but the result was worth it.

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Gears of Watch

September 20, 2011


Another Watch Face

September 17, 2011


Watch Face

September 17, 2011

Been doing a set of illustrations for watches lately. Anyone know of a good way to send all your Illustrator layers to Photoshop as paths? My current technique is to load the Illustrator file in Fireworks, turn groups into sub-layers, ma...