Campus Bubble Redesign!

March 10, 2016

Proud to launch the all new Campus Bubble marketing site. Check it out live! The focus was communicating to our admissions customers, showcasing our case studies, and driving users to our content marketing. Would love feedback! Be s...

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CB Educators page

June 02, 2015

We redesigned our educators page to funnel users into personas like campus life staff and admissions director. The result was better conversion and more qualified leads. Check it out at Real pixels for d...

New CB landing page

June 01, 2015

We just launched our new and improved marketing page! Attached are the real pixels for desktop and mobile. Check it out More shots to come. Front end development by the talented @Youssef Salah.

Campus Bubble login

January 22, 2015

Working on a new login popup for New redesign coming! Feedback welcome!

New admin panel

January 05, 2015

Happy new years! Cleaning up our back end administrative panel. Backend interfaces can be boring but our focus was clarity and usability. Hit L if you like. Feedback welcome.

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Campus Bubble Collateral

August 07, 2014

Sales stuff for Campus Bubble. Keeping up the colorfulness. Real pixels attached.

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New office floorplan

June 06, 2014

Saw @Brave People's floor plan, inspired me to post ours (it's much simpler and just for planning purposes). We just moved into our new office in downtown Atlanta!

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Launched Campus Bubble corporate site

March 05, 2014

Loved @Haraldur Thorleifsson corporate landing page, here is our take on one. Finally launched, feedback welcome. Many thanks to our talented frontend developer @Youssef Salah. Real pixels attached.