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Dribbble muppets5


Just finished this, for the Muppet competition hosted by Threadless. The concept was to find hobbies and topics that some Muppets might share with each othe...

June 08, 2011

Dribbble muppets4


Wrapping up this shirt project that I put myself through just for fun. Next shot will have the full illustration.

June 08, 2011

Dribbble muppets3

Beaker & Bunsen

I love Muppet Labs.

June 07, 2011

Dribbble muppets2

Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem

More of this muppet illustration nonsense in progress.

June 03, 2011

Dribbble muppets1

Statler & Waldorf

Hand-drawing muppets. Started with the hecklers up in the balcony. Waldorf: "These seats are awful." Statler: "Why? Can't you see anything?" Waldorf: "That...

May 31, 2011