1. Dashboard widget creation analytics controls customization dashboard dialog elevation floating interface modal reporting tabs ui widget
    View Dashboard widget creation
    Dashboard widget creation
  2. Gem SLA management dialog color picker colors customization dialog gem gem software modal dialog picker recruiting ui web
    View Gem SLA management dialog
    Gem SLA management dialog
  3. Recruiting process visual avatars calendar gem illustration illustrations operations recruiting software spreadsheet stack
    View Recruiting process visual
    Recruiting process visual
  4. Scorecard overview visualization candidate candidates chart design interviewing job job board jobs kanban status tooltip visualization
    View Scorecard overview visualization
    Scorecard overview visualization
  5. Gem design team work calendar design system dropdown menus picker product design toast
    View Gem design team work
    Gem design team work
  6. Gem testimonial video advertisement after effects animated animated video animation product design promo promo video promotion promotional software video video preview visual design
    View Gem testimonial video
    Gem testimonial video
  7. Gem values stickers colors drawing fun illustration illustrations sticker stickers values vibrant
    View Gem values stickers
    Gem values stickers
  8. Composer bottom sheet chat composer email gem messaging ui
    View Composer
  9. Menu composition component figma gif interaction menu step by step
    View Menu composition
    Menu composition
  10. Form fields button focus focused form form design form field form fields input inputs interaction tooltip tooltips
    View Form fields
    Form fields
  11. Celebrate Black History bhm black history black history month gem instagram marketing
    View Celebrate Black History
    Celebrate Black History
  12. Dashboard detail
    View Dashboard detail
    Dashboard detail
  13. Input Format Selector dropdown form form field selector ui
    View Input Format Selector
    Input Format Selector
  14. Report saved board job board jobs kanban message profiles reporting snackbar talent wall toast
    View Report saved
    Report saved
  15. Icon refresh [WIP] icon icon set iconography vector
    View Icon refresh [WIP]
    Icon refresh [WIP]
  16. Blind resume review detail
    View Blind resume review detail
    Blind resume review detail
  17. New Gem website gradient animation animation gem gif homepage landingpage recruiting web design webdesign website website design websites
    View New Gem website gradient animation
    New Gem website gradient animation
  18. Home illustration details avatar avatars colorful details feature prop home callout illustration product design profile picture recruiters recruiting simplified ui skeleton ui table
    View Home illustration details
    Home illustration details
  19. User avatars avatars colorful colors fun list new user expeirence onboarding personas profile pic profile pictures simplified ui skeleton ui table user list users
    View User avatars
    User avatars
  20. Gem icons analytics arrows bookmark checklist checkmark chevrons clock content editing home icon design iconography icons inbox lock pin silhouette unlock visibility writing
    View Gem icons
    Gem icons
  21. Big shadows deux badge button button design buttons dropdown dropdown menu dropdown ui menu menu design options privacy shadow shadows
    View Big shadows deux
    Big shadows deux
  22. Colors, shadows, and type, oh my! buttons color colors dashboad dashboard design dropdown gradients menu rounded shadow shadows ui ui design
    View Colors, shadows, and type, oh my!
    Colors, shadows, and type, oh my!
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