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8-Track Tape

August 03, 2011

I whipped up this titlecard for my friend's The Autumn Film and their new album: 8-Track Tape. They started a Kickstarter Campaign today to help finish the album. Check out the video their drummer, Dann made. It's pretty awesome.

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Tiny Little Boats

September 18, 2010

I keep forgetting to dribbbbbbble things. This one is from a couple weeks ago. If you've followed me awhile, you'll realize it's repurposed from the band's last album. It's the cover for a 3-song music giveaway they're doing right now.

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July 06, 2010

And it's (finally) live - go check it out.

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Hand Helvetica

June 29, 2010

I'm kinda ready to be done with this one and have it out the door - it's coming along nicely though.

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Show Detail

June 22, 2010

More pieces…

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June 05, 2010

A thing that is part of completing a much-belated thing.

Http ahoy

http Ahoy

March 04, 2010

time to webify the whole thing and replace the current temporary solution with something that will last through a summer of touring. still have a whole new site to do for the band itself, and some social media profiles. album release is...

Tastes like chicken

Tastes Like Chicken

February 26, 2010

this is the last post for this whole project. this is a small crop of the other side to this illustration. it has all the album's song lyrics (hand-inked - my hand still hurts from days ago) as well as some other sketches and art bits. ...