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  1. 9 Feb Gavin Beck Added Black Mamba to the Snakes bucket.
  2. 9 Feb Gavin Beck Commented on Black Mamba by Konstantin Datz

    Amazing rendering! Herpetology nerd comment here, but black mambas aren't black. Their color is more like that of your clay model. Anyway, lovely work.

  3. 8 Feb Gavin Beck Added Snakescrew to the Snakes bucket.
  4. 7 Feb Gavin Beck Added New York Times Sunday Review to the Snakes bucket.
  5. 7 Feb Gavin Beck Added Hydra Editorial Illustration to the Snakes bucket.
  6. 7 Feb Gavin Beck Commented on Meh meh meeeh by Bee Grandinetti

    @Mikey D "They" would be him.

  7. 14 Jan Gavin Beck Added Snake to the Snakes bucket.
  8. 14 Jan Gavin Beck Followed Joshua Rhodes.
  9. 3 Jan Gavin Beck Commented on Clearlink Holiday Card Still by Robert Barber for CLEARLINK

    Well done!