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We don't do client work on Fridays but we work on internal projects so that we get the opportunity to sharpen our skills. That's what makes up Funsize Labs.

4 Shots


Harvest iOS - Timesheets

July 25, 2014

Oh man... I completely forgot to show you guys my first stab at this concept way back in December! This concept was a little more far out compared to the previous shot.

NearMe Login

April 18, 2014

Some progress on our mock product "NearMe". Starting to sound somewhat useful. We might have to develop this thing!

Set Proximity

April 06, 2014

Been working on a mock product to do some mobile design courses on. Here's a sneak peek at the navigation. Quickly change the proximity radius of activity you want to see in your feed.

Southwest Airlines - Reimagined

November 20, 2013

I've noticed that the majority of airline apps on the market have the account log in as the main focus of the landing experience. How about the flyers who aren't members, who need quick access to check-in or quickly change a flight? The...