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Transplants chart

Transplants and Hospitalizations Chart

Took my first baby steps into the world of Flex / Flash charting by adding hospitalization bars to this transplant history gantt chart. Despite being a dial...

March 23, 2010



New program to link experienced members who volunteer to other patients with targeted questions.

December 18, 2009

Picture 3

Aptana Decoration Calculation

Despite the useless error message, the lilt and rhyme of "decoration calculation" soothes my frustration. Bravo?

August 11, 2009

Picture 6

Not Your Father's Following

Recently added activity streams to PatientsLikeMe. Members can subscribe (follow) treatments (as well as members, forum topics, etc) to get an activity stre...

August 08, 2009

Scrn stickman tooltip als

PatientsLikeMe ALS Stickman

This stickman graphic provides a terse display of the status of an ALS patient as measured by the Funcational Rating Survey.

July 31, 2009