I'm Fritz Elemino and I love crafting High Quality, Usable and Conversion Focus Designs.

With a strong 9+ years of real world experience in Website UX/UI Design , Mobile UX/UI Design, A/B test and Usability test. These experiences, helped me understand how people use and interact with websites/mobile apps and what are the key elements affecting their decision in taking an action.

I love what I do and I love helping my clients reach their business goals. My design style isn't focus on fancy and cool stuff you see across the internet, my design style focus on what works and what is usable and I believe that's what matters most.

Here are my skills:

√ UX / UI Design
√ Mobile App Design
√ Website Design
√ CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)
√ A/B Testing
√ Usability Testing
√ Website Wire-framing
√ Interactive Prototyping
√ Landing Page / Lead page / Sales page Expert

I believe that as a designer we should put in our mind that it's not about people loving our design, it should be them using it.

Cebu city , Philippines

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