Design Brief

Album Cover Artwork for Music Release

Rough Concept:

For this concept, please imagine the inanimate Diamond to be alive and animate the way a human or animal would be depicted (not with arms or legs or anything like that).

The concept would be the back/rear view of an un-groomed, uncut, depressed young diamond (or maybe just a lump of coal?) in a messy disheveled bedroom, and staring into a 3/4 or full-length mirror.

In the mirror, the diamond's reflection would be this same young diamond's alter ego, cut, famous, groomed, high on life, successful (gaudy Hope Diamond type) yet obviously overworked by management and making huge sacrifices in the quest for fame/stardom. For example the loss and/or estrangement of a significant other described in the bridge lyrics of the song.

This is essentially based on the saying "No Pressure, No Diamonds".

I am very open to how the right artist might interpret or spin this idea/concept. The illustration does NOT have to be exactly like I described here.

If you read through the lyrics and can understand the vibe, I am open to different concepts.

I would also like the artwork to have a retro 80's flare to it. I can provide some 80's references. Happy to answer any additional questions.