Design Brief

T-Shirt design for music project

We're currently looking to hire a designer to create a new T-Shirt design for AL1CE, which is a dark electronic rock music project. 

Here is a description of the project. First, our band name and imagery are definitely steeped in a fantasy world that meets sci-fi (we’re an electronic rock hybrid band). We have a private community/street team called the “Mad Hatter Army” to create a custom t-shirt design.

Main elements of what we're looking for:

  • The main key art should be an "edgy, feminine character", and it should represent a dark/gothic Alice In Wonderland vibe. She should convey an air of mystery and dark beauty.
  • The character should also represent the idea of someone a little bit "mad", you can prob represent that in the eyes, or whatever you think
  • Since this is a "Mad Hatter Army" art piece, the character could also potentially look like she has a military-style look.
  • There should be a logo above the main key art that says "Mad Hatter Army" - the font itself should go along with the theme.
  • On the back of the shirt, the red triangle AL1CE emblem (we would supply that)
  • The artwork could be drawn/painted or vector/digital - keep in mind that the result would be printed on a black t-shirt, so definitely keep in mind art limitations for screen printing.