Design Brief

UI/UX for International Fintech Project

Hi. I am looking for assistance for the UI/UX for a fintech project.

The project has the following functions:

Phase 1

  1. Digital Bank Account Opening
  2. Dashboard of Account
  3. International Funds Transfer
  4. Bill Payments 

Phase 2

  1. Investments (India and Overseas)

The Target Group is currently Indians (NRI's & Residents), however will be looking at global clients as soon as MVP is up.

All the functionalities will be riding on Partners who will be providing API's.

There will also be a B2B2C vertical after the MVP.

Few of the players in the space are

Will look forward to a telecon.

(If your team provides Digital marketing services also, I would be keen on the same on an ongoing basis).

Warm regards.