Design Brief

Web Design for Consumer Tech App Website

About Cobble

Cobble is a decision-making app that helps couples answer the question: “What do you want to do tonight?” 

Manifested through the thousands of couples using idk tonight, an editorial site and brand that reaches an audience of over 55K, Cobble is bringing the latest and greatest experiences to the palm of their hands. 

As a decision-making entrepreneur, founder Jordan Scott is passionate about couples deepening their connection by taking a familiar framework in dating and applying it to relationships. 

Couples can experience the beauty of swiping right with their partner for restaurant ideas, shows to watch, books to read, recipes to cook, NSFW toys to experiment with, and more. Since launching on June 26th, 2020, our users have swiped over 317K times.

Current Website URL:

Target Audience & User Interests


  • Millennials ages 18-34
  • Current Audience is NYC-based; expansion plans are in motion
  • In a couple


  • Convenience: Unlikely to search on Google to find things to do in NYC
  • Motivated by new trying new experiences
  • Staying relevant and culturally acute: Will click on links to read blogs on specific topics of interest (e.g. brunch spots) 
  • Deeper connection
  • Willing to engage with brands/activities they like to share with their social networks

Psychographic personas

  • New experience lovers: people who love fine dining, shows, concerts, and trying new activities
  • Foodies: people who love planning the next great place to eat
  • Outdoors lovers: people who are motivated by spending time outdoors & good weather
  • The casual, non-planner: people who like to do convenient activities near them

Goals of the New Site

Main calls to action

  • Download the Cobble app (  consider: Text Yourself the App) 
  • Subscribe to the Cobble newsletter
  • Read interesting editorial content (some/most of which can be plans which are ‘click-to-save-in-app’ features )

Content Considerations: 

  • We want to replace IDK Site via domain transfer to but  take advantage of IDK SEO  leveraging the same CMS (Craft) and updating URLs 
  • SEO  & Key Word Strategy  
  • Position the experiences (and corresponding domains) so they can eventually extend to new cities, countries
  • Position content so it can eventually extend beyond couples
  • Ensuring CMS has functionality for proper photo attribution

Technical Requirements:

  • Editorial content merge
  • SEO
  • Custom code access to maintain site speed/security
  • Hosting capabilities are scalable for large volumes randomly
  • Plugin’s and integrations with applicable martech

Sites We Like

Hosting, Support & Maintenance

  • TryCobble is hosted on Squarespace 
  • IDK Tonight is hosted on FortRabbit and bought on GoDaddy and the CMS is built  on Craft , domain purchased on GoDaddy
  • Content updates & daily maintenance handled by internal Cobble team
  • TryCobble will be built on Craft CMS (fully customizable)


  • Complete by April
  • Agency partner to create a timeline in phases for each of the website feature requests
  • Agency partner to demonstrate capabilities in working with other consumer app brands
  • Agency partner to create detailed look at the site architecture with title tags, schema, h1's etc per page.