Design Brief

Templates for social media

We are a company called Australian Native Products and we currently have a website and social media but are looking to make it look more sophisticated and engaging. We are overhauling our Instagram page to start with and we need a designer to come up with a series of templates that will look beautiful for our team to upload images, quotes, images and text, and videos. We need a unified look and feel to make the page stand out. We work within the beauty, culinary, and beverage spaces and we are wanting to put our product - Australian Botanicals (at this point Lemon Myrtle) on a global map. We need a very upmarket, luxurious, and cool-looking Instagram, whilst maintaining the overall feel of a natural product with many wellness uses and benefits. We also are looking for someone to design some sketches for us to take to a tea company for a presentation. Ideally, we would use the same graphic designer for both jobs - as long as they can sketch as well as design templates. Please still apply if you are just good at Instagram templates.