Design Brief

Tee Shirt Designs

Job Title: Custom T-Shirt Designs for 40th Birthday Celebration

Job Description:

I am looking for an innovative graphic designer to create unique designs for seven custom t-shirts for my 40th birthday celebration. The themes revolve around royalty, Beyonce, the Renaissance, and black pride. All t-shirts should have a unified design on the back and individual, personalized designs on the front.

Back Design:

Two crossed iron crowns in a Renaissance style with a small silhouette of Toronto's skyline at the center include the text "JBee's Hive Tour '23" and a stylized Beyonce-inspired bumblebee.

Front Designs:

Seven distinct designs based on specified themes for each shirt range from constellation Virgo for "Virgo's Groove" shirt, stylized '4' incorporating symbolic images for "4" shirt, stylized black panther for "Bitch, I’m Black!" shirt, Renaissance-inspired portrait for "Flawless" shirt, silhouette of a woman with crown for "Partner, let me upgrade you" shirt, a portrait of a brown-skinned girl with a crown for "Brown Skin Girl" shirt, to six distinct crowns for "My shirt".

End Note:

Designs are starting points. The designer should feel free to bring creativity and flair to these ideas. I initially suggested all-black shirts, but I am open to color suggestions. I request to receive the designs within one week.

Please respond with a portfolio that includes examples of your design work. I look forward to your proposals!