Design Brief

Teachable Course Theme Customization

Hey team!

We are currently developing a straightforward online course to be hosted on the Teachable platform. This course, primarily comprised of three descriptive pages, is designed to offer valuable insights and knowledge to our clients and to those interested in privacy law.

We have already prepared all the course materials, including videos and handouts. At this stage, our primary requirement is the customization of the course theme on our Teachable platform. Our objective is to enhance the user experience and ensure that the theme aligns seamlessly with our firm's brand image and the specific goals of this course.

Given the urgency of the project, we are looking to complete this customization within a week. 

If you are able to take on this project within the specified timeframe, we would appreciate arranging a meeting at your earliest convenience to discuss our specific needs and expectations, as well as to hear about your potential solutions and recommendations.

Ernesto Belisario