Design Brief

animation for breathwork website

Hello team!

I am a breathwork facilitator. I want an animation on my website homepage that shows the pace of the breath as a holographic-colored breath circle/bubble.

It will overlay black-and-white nature images on my website (I will use a modified Squarespace singularity template for this.

I will modify the Squarespace Singularity template: and keep many of the black and white nature image elements as backdrops to the breath bubble.

Breath circle/bubble:  

  • holographic colors similar to these:
  • I don't want it to look like a cartoon... or hyper-realistic. Just realistic like the examples in the Pinterest board above.
  • The background of the animation should be transparent, so I can change the background of the breath bubble animation for different uses. 

Breath circle animation: 

  • Expansion and contraction of the breath circle in a rhythmic breathing pace. 
  • Model expansion/contraction of the bubble after this Pace: 
  • BUT 1/2 time from the example above on the pause after inhaling and exhaling.

If you're interested in this project - please submit your proposal, including:

  1. how much you would charge for the animation
  2. lead time to deliver first version
  3. how many revisions you include (these may be tweaks to color, pace of animation)

My budget is <$300 for this one animation. I'll select the designer who hits the sweet spot between quality examples of their previous relevant work, the best price, and the best turn around time. 

Thank you.