Design Brief

Elevate our "drops" page

We are looking for a designer to iterate and improve the layout/look of our "shop"/"products" page which lists all of the current products we have had. Our brand aspires to be "high end" and our products are launched in "drops" not dissimilar to how fashion brands do drops.

The current page can be seen here:

We currently have 3 drops that we are interested in showcasing. Our umai Quail cultured dumplings (already occurred), our super beef drop (happening soon) and a mystery drop which is going to happen in the next few months. We want this page to fit our brand (we can share a brand pack once we have onboarded a designer). Feel free to make use of some movement, hover effects etc. Some of the pages which we we like are:

We would also like a mobile version.

Each of these "shop" cards should have a CTA which will lead elsewhere. It is very important to us that this page represents our brand, looks unique and feels edgy/cool. We do not want a standard SaaS products page. We are willing to pay to ensure this is done within the next few days.

This page will be used as an addition to the current website which can be found at