Design Brief

Logo for Organic Supplement Brand

We understand the importance of a simple logo. Recognition and memorability are important. But we believe a complex logo for this brand aligns with our mission statement. The earth is complex, as are the biological processes that occur when ingesting our supplements. We want to find the correct balance between simplicity and intricacy. We are hoping our chosen design partner can lead us down the right path.

We will provide a logo inspo folder along with additional notes we have written out. We have also designed a quick example logo to give a general idea of what we are after.

Background: Our brand is a natural and unadulterated/organic (raw) producer of health supplements. We aim to promote healing using the flora & fungi that we are blessed to be surrounded by... mushrooms and other herbs, roots & flowers etc.

Our brand has influences from psychedelia and spirituality. We are fundamentally against the ideologies of modern big pharma and value the wisdom and power of mother nature.

Objectives: The logo should convey the following: raw, organic, nurturing, celestial power & elegance, wisdom, oneness, and natural/holistic healing. The logo should also be easily recognizable and distinguishable from other health supplement brands.

  1. Nature and natural elements: Images of plants, trees, flowers, and other natural elements can represent the brand's connection to mother nature and the use of natural ingredients in its supplements.
  2. Mushrooms and herbs: As the brand emphasizes the use of mushrooms and herbs in its supplements, images of these ingredients can be used to convey the brand's message.
  3. Roots and mycelial (mycelium) networks growing from the bottom of the logo representing the logo and brand as indicative of a living organism.
  4. Psychedelic and spiritual imagery: As the brand is influenced by psychedelia and spirituality, images of mandalas, chakras, or other spiritual symbols can be used to represent these values. These could be used as external bordering around the logo etc.
  5. Warm and nurturing imagery: Images of people hugging, holding hands, or caring for one another can represent the brand's nurturing and caring message. This could also include people farming or caring for the land in a biodynamic and natural manner (no machinery).
  6. Celestial and god-like imagery: Images of the sun, moon, stars, or other celestial objects can represent the brand's image of power and wisdom.
  7. Incorporate the brand colors: Green, Brown, Purple, Cream & Sky/Light Blue. We have 6 color palette variations. And we are more than open to the designer's influence and recommendation as we have not reached a solidified decision.
  8. There should be graphic motifs around the logo that connects within the logo indicative of psychedelic art with intricate interweaving designs, everything should be connected in one way or another representing oneness with mother nature. A mix of modern and ancient. Think Celtic & Aztec meets modern psychedelia.
  9. Use a raw and earthy typeface (think organic, raw, earthly, denim fiber, hemp fiber, eroded, leaves, dirt, soil) along with an elegant OR data-inspired font to represent the unbounded natural information encoded within these natural ingredients. (These potential variations will make sense when we tell you the brand name).

Please note that the above design elements do not have to be used in complete totality, they are examples and a guide of the potential elements you should look toward using in your work. It will take many revisions and different usage of the above examples in different combinations.

Target Audience: Our target audience are health-conscious individuals who prefer natural and organic products. They are typically interested in holistic healing, spirituality, and wellness. They are also likely to be against the use of artificial and chemical-based supplements. They also more than likely are aware of the importance of consuming organic and bio-dynamic foods.


  • Primary logo design in color and black/white.
  • Secondary logo variations for use on different backgrounds (Linear etc)
  • Logo usage guidelines

Timeline: The logo design should be completed within no more than a month. We appreciate the extremely customized nature of this project. But we also need to get things up and running ASAP.

Additional Notes: We are open to creative ideas and suggestions from the designer. The logo should be versatile and suitable for use on a range of products, including packaging, marketing materials, and digital platforms. As intricate as we are requesting it to be, it should incorporate proper use of negative space and be legible in any use case... big or small... print or digital.