Design Brief


Gochepo will be a super app, which will offer a series of dynamic services depending on the area where it is used, from transportation and food delivery to cleaning the home, mechanic, teacher, etc.

Initially, I want to start with the public and private transport services, however, we must leave the interface prepared to show the services to the user dynamically.

What I'm looking for is the layout of the initial views, which would be

  1. welcome view
  2. Onboarding View
  3. Authentication (login, register, recovery passwords)
  4. root page-> the screen to show when logged in as a dashboard with my navigation button bar with 4 options listed below

Services -> small dashboard showing available services, promotions, and recommendations.

Discover-> your will by a small social network in the app, you just need a base view of others like Instagram or TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, etc.


Me-> in this part the user's basic will open, and options such as configuration, logoff, etc.

I need the views of the initial services listed upside(food service and transport as uber or didi.