Design Brief

Ecom Website Re-brand

Hi there 👋

We are Love to Dream, a baby and toddler sleepwear brand. We have recently undergone a brand refresh and are looking for someone to help us take our new brand assets and redesign our website (

What we are looking for is a Web Designer who can:

  • Provide a complete visual/UI redesign of our current website, utilizing our new brand assets (logo, colours, font, etc)
  • Create a style guide for our digital assets, providing guidance on how they are to be used across all our digital channels

We are not looking for any input from a strategic or discovery point of view. We have these areas pretty much covered and now need the technical (design) expertise to bring them together on our website.

Skills required

  1. +5-years of experience in graphics design
  2. Experience in ecommerce design (need to be seen in your Dribbble portfolio)
  3. Master Figma, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator
  4. Past experience in designing for direct-to-consumer brands and mobile
  5. Pixel Perfect Design
  6. High attention to detail.
  7. Respect deadlines

We already have:

  1. New brand identity + purpose
  2. Brand style guide with new logo, colours, font, imagery, etc
  3. Highly engaged product team to work with you

Cost Range(Estimated):

  • $35-$50 hourly rate depending on skill-level, experience and overall fit

If this sounds like something of a good fit for you, it would be great to catch up and discuss further!

Thank you 🙏