Design Brief

Branding for a new AI company

We are looking for branding for a new startup—a software incubator focused on building new products based on AI technology.

We would like a logo, color palette, font selection, and useful imagery (or illustrations) that can be added to company documents or slide decks to create the right feel for the brand.

Some information about the company:

The purpose of the company is to build AI-powered software with a human-centric focus. The vision is to use AI to awaken the inaccessible potential in every person. to expand, not replace, human capability.

The company's name is "Hearthhands AI," named after the hearthands 🫶 emoji, which is a computer based representation of the best of humanity (empathy,care, and& joy)... It encapsulates the kinds of experiences our incubator will build.

The company will solve exciting new challenges and create new user experiences only possible with AI. We take pride in crafting beautiful and engaging user experiences. The human spirit is at the heart of everything we do.

Our ethos:

We know that technology is magic made real.

We craft software experiences that move our users.

We push the bounds of what software is capable of doing.

We deliver experiences that feel like working with a human, not a computer.